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also Hank Wood and the Hammerheads

Warthog DIE Ajax Wiccans Inmates




DiE at New York’s Alright.

absolute best

Ya wasn’t that impressed with a lot of bands this yr at nys alright but die fucking ruled. This video doesn’t give them justice idk

DIE fucking slayed.

naming your child Bruce is cursing them to being a stepdad.

this is the best thing on the internet

Anonymous asked: I love hardcore, but I want to grow up and work in law enforcement. I want to be a cop that actually does his job and isn't a shit head, but I feel like I won't hve the support of the hardcore community anymore. What should I do


You will not have its support. You will be a cop. You will try to be the good cop I hopes to change the reputation. The cops will not like it, your peers will put you in positions you don’t want to to test your loyalty to the force. You will care less about why you started. You will end up just looking out for yourself cuz that’s what they all end up doing. You will fall in love with the power the badge gives you. You will abuse it. You will end up a pig. You never wanted any of this happen, but you’re still a pig at the end.